This is the Online Learning Platform of Scar Academy. Whenever you are enrolled in one of the Scar Academy courses, you will find all the content of the course here. You can only have access to the content when you have a voucher code handed over to you by one of the instructors.

This platform also serves as a download platform for Scar Academy events like conferences and symposia. You can download abstracts, relevant articles or other content that will be at your disposition. To have access to this download platform you need a voucher code handed over to you by the organisation.


Eén antwoord op “About”

  1. Beste,
    Ik heb level 1 en 2 in 2013 afgelegd en Level 3 in December 2018.
    Ik heb nog niet via dit platform gewerkt en heb nog geen voucher code. Kan ik de code via hier aanvragen?

    Alvast bedankt,
    Sara Smits

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